31-day Gratitude Challenge

By Olaf on December 1, 2018 in Motivation

31-day Gratitude Challenge

I have decided to dedicate the month of December 2018 to focus on and appreciate all the things I can be grateful for, especially the items I take most for granted each day. I invite you to do the same.

It’s been a long, adventurous and eventful year with its fair share of ups and downs, but instead of lingering on the “could haves” & “what ifs”, I’m going to end off 2018 reminding myself of everything I can be grateful for; not yesterday or tomorrow or 3 months ago, but today, right now, in this very moment.

Keeping my attention on what I can be grateful for right now allows me to be fully present in the moment. The “challenge” part comes into play here. You see, for the most part of the day, our minds runs wild with the problems of yesterday and the to-do list for tomorrow. During this mundane robot-like activity, we forget that we are here, right now, in this moment. Yesterday and tomorrow don’t matter. Yet we spend most of our time everywhere else but right here.

I’m challenging myself to be present, for as long as I can, every day. In the beginning I will fight with my head. I will fight to reign it back into the present moment. By challenging myself I’m reminding myself that I have control. The present moment is in my hands and I will use it to pay attention to everything that matters… now.

I am giving myself 31 days to be as fully present as possible. I will keep a record of these moments of gratitude, in order to remind myself that I have the power to be here, right now, instead of wandering around in the past and getting lost in the future.

Day 1 – 1 December 2018

Today I am grateful for one of the things I take for granted every day. Mother Nature. As I sit here at the breakfast table in the mountains overlooking the Clarens valley, I am once again reminded of the sheer beauty of nature, and it’s tremendous and overwhelming majesty. In the rush of every-day living, I tend to forget the little things around me that actually matter more that I sometimes realise: the air that I breathe, the energising sunlight, the trees, flowers & grass beneath my feet, the wild clouds and piercing blue skies.

Take a moment, wherever you are, and think of something you can be grateful for right now. Genuinely grateful for. Great! Tomorrow we do the same. Step one of the gratitude snowball is complete. Let’s end off 2018 together in gratitude!


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