Disco in the Mousetrap

By Olaf on October 31, 2016 in Music, Videos

For the days when you feel like good vibes and happy times. This time I’m rewinding to the good ol’ days of Disco in the Mousetrap. And for those that have no idea what I’m talking about, the Mousetrap was one of the 3 dancefloors of the South African superclub called Nightshift, which was part of the International Austrian club franchise called “Nachtschicht”.

Disco Nightshift Mousetrap

This playlist a collection of personal disco and Mousetrap favourites, so get your dancing shoes out, turn up the volume and let loose!

I will be updating this playlist, adding new tracks regularly, so bookmark the page and drop in when you feel like a little disco in your life.

Disco in the Mousetrap

Press play and let the music do the rest.

To view the playlist, hover your mouse / cursor over the TOP LEFT of the video window. Then click the icon with the 3 lines above each other. 


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