Notes on Fear. Your greatest enemy in life

By Olaf on November 18, 2016 in Personal Development

Fear. Your greatest enemy is hiding in the shadows of your mind.

Fear is that paralyzing daemon in your head. The voice that keeps on reminding you that you’re not good enough. The story you keep telling yourself over and over about why someone else is always better than you.

Don’t let fear lead you into the temptation of taking the easy way out. Don’t let it push you off track and destroy the amazing opportunities you have a few feet in front of your eyes.

Fear lives in your comfort zone. It lives on the control it has over you and gets fuelled by the lack of belief in yourself. It is your greatest enemy and hides like a coward in the shadows of your mind, waiting to strike yet again.

The moment you lose control of your thoughts is the moment you let fear take over and run your life on autopilot.

Start believing in yourself. Know that you’re enough. Monitor your thoughts and show the ones masked by fear the fastest way to the emergency exit.

The only one stopping you is you. It’s time you take charge. Of your thoughts and of your destiny.

There is greatness in you.
Don’t let fear take that away.


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