One-sentence inspirations to help you start your own business

By Olaf on May 4, 2016 in Business, Motivation, Quotes

Starting a business, being an entrepreneur and working for yourself is not always an easy task. There will be ups and there will most definitely be downs. Sometimes, during the daily adrenalin rush of being your own boss, it helps taking a few minutes to keep your inner entrepreneurial sprit burning strong, which is why I enjoy reading about what inspired other entrepreneurs on their way to success and greatness.

In a recent article on contributor Andrew Medal shares one-sentence inspirations from 50 people that become entrepreneurs and started their own businesses.

Let these inspire you to unleash your inner entrepreneur!

Here are my 5 favourite reasons from the list:

Ryan Okrant says, “I bought something that broke too many times, too quickly, and I set out to make a better one.”

Jeneen Ford took the simple route by charging for the assistance she was providing.

Arielle Jordan says, “I felt like ‘there should be something that exists like this already.’ But it didn’t, so I thought, ‘I’ll make it exist.’”

Daniel Farahdel says, “I was really passionate about making a difference in this world, so I attended a fashion trade show to study the market and I have been growing since.”

Jacqueline Nelles started her business to pay for her brother’s university education.

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