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By Olaf on November 25, 2016 in Motivation, Personal Development

Personal Development and the journey of self-discovery

I love how straightforward I can be with myself right now. Rewind back to a year ago and I would have told you something different.

The journey of self-discovery is one riddled with ups and downs, speculations, happiness, fear, disappointment, anxiety, relief and ultimately a collection of harsh realities that you need to confront yourself with. Realities that you have been hiding in the deep corners of your heart and your soul for longer than you can remember.

When you get to the point where you finally need to face off with yourself (the person that you thought you were) a lot of interesting things happen:

  • First, you get sucker-punched straight between the eyes. It’s the reminder you needed to get back to reality!
  • You become honest with yourself and take a second or third or fourth look at everything you’ve done over the weeks, months and years. And this means EVERYTHING! You evaluate your behavior, beliefs and values, and your reaction towards life around you in general. For the first time you get to the see the person who you’ve been all this time, which can be quite scary and disappointing!
  • You have many aha moments! And yes, there will be many: most of them uncomfortable at first!
  • After your aha moments, you start getting clarity. And that is what the journey is ultimately about.

Clarity. Seeing things clearly.

After the uncomfortable and frustrating days have ended (side-note: they often last for weeks!), the clarity you get becomes exhilarating. It comes attached with bursts of joy and excitement and happiness and an overflow of emotions. It is at this time that you can really start to remember and remind yourself who you actually are. You get to see the core of what makes you, you. You get to experience who you are without condition. You are able to see the raw you; the person you truly are.

At that moment, you get to make the choice of being true to yourself again.
It is at that moment that you get to be you and start over.
From the beginning.
Without condition.
By being you.

To sum it all up, take this to heart:

“I can be me. Without attachment. Without condition or expectation.
I can be raw and vulnerable and authentic.
I can be anything I want to be, as long as I am me.” – Olaf Schaum


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