The Heart of a Champion

By Olaf on August 15, 2016 in Motivation, Quotes

It’s always exciting and humbling to see people follow their dreams, even more so when you see them fix their eyes on the goal and the crush the stumbling blocks that life throws in front of them along the way.

The truth is, everyone wants to be a winner, yet so few commit themselves to earning it. It takes the heart of a champion to follow through, crush the opposition and inspire those around them at the same time.

You’re all amazing! I believe in you and I salute you.

Heart of a Champion - Olaf Schaum

“The heart of a champion is a rare commodity.
Everyone wants it, but very few are willing to earn it.

The heart of a champion makes you chase your dreams,
even though the world seems against you.

The heart of a champion pushes on and never gives up,
even when your body is shattered and your limbs are numb.

The heart of a champion reminds you to keep believing in yourself,
even when the goal is still out of sight.

The heart of a champion is an inspiration to others.
An inspiration for them to follow their dreams.
An inspiration to push through when quitting is the easy way out.”


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