Tony Robbins’ Emotional Flood Exercise

By Olaf on June 15, 2015 in Motivation, Videos

When last did you feel truly grateful?

Tony Robbins shows us how, right now…

Tony Robbins - Emotional Flood Exercise and GratitudeThe best feeling in the world is the feeling of gratitude; pure, unconditional gratitude. However,  in the daily rush we call life, we oftentimes forget how to feel truly, genuinely grateful – for what we have, for who met and for what lies ahead of us. Tony Robbins shows us how to get our feeling of gratitude back.

Take 5 minutes, press play below and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by waves of happiness, joy and gratitude. With this simple Emotional Flood Exercise that Anthony Robbins demonstrates at one of Oprah Winfrey’s recent Lifeclass events you will change your “state” instantly!

As you watch this video and take part in these 5 minutes of gratitude, allow yourself to be reminded of how simple it is to really feel grateful. And even thought life might be “crazy” and time “scarce”, express gratitude during whatever activity or work project you are currently busy with. It is easier than you think it is.


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